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Thursday, February 24, 2005

japanese lesbians

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For the older woman lesbian vids freehardcore lesbian pics Mary's life had been routine. She had married very young lesbian strapon pictures daily although her husband was there physically the spark had long since gone. Oh don't get me wrong now they were still close, and still made love on occasion, but even in those rare occasions the act was more mechanical than passion filled. Had you asked Mary she would have denied this though, for even she had no idea there was something lacking, and thus our story unfolds.

Sliding her stockings up each leg Mary looks at the imagine within the mirror. Mmmm I still have nice legs she thinks, although stocking perhaps are a bit old fashioned. She turns slightly admiring the curves of her calves then rises up on her toes as though in heels. No... they are still nice she thinks. She remembers back to the time she was first dating her husband oh how he loved stockings, the feel, the look, and the passion they inspired. She remembered how he caressed her legs in the back seat of her parents car on a trip one day, how naughty, and exciting it felt, and then she wished he were here now to quench the desires those thoughts brought american pie 2 lesbian scene It had been months now since they had last made love and Mary's body begged for a little passion.

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An hour later Mary arrived at Dr. Schmidt's office. He was nice as doctors go, but still she never enjoyed these annual physicals, and having lesbian threesomes orgies go to a doctor always made her uneasy. Exiting her car Mary couldn't help but notice that Dr. Schmidt's parking spot was empty oh great she thought he is running late sex teen lesbian movies I'll have to wait. Suddenly a bright red convertible pulls into the lot and parks in that very spot.

Hey!!! you can't park there, Mary shouts, that's the doctors spot.

Oh I know, replies the tall greying man who begins to exit, I am the doctor.

No your not, Mary quickly responds, I know Dr. Schmidt and your not him.

Smiling the man says, Oh!!! you must be a patient! Your right, I am not Dr. Schmidt, I am Dr. Brown. I have taken over his practice for a while, and I believe you paginas de fotos de lesbianas gratis an appointment with me?

Stunned by this new Mary checks out the man before her. He is tall greying with a full beard and steely hazel eyes. Those lesbian twins dvd seem to take in her whole body as though there were no clothes present, and yet they had a certain sparkle which held her gaze and calmed her fears. His smile is warm and inviting, and his general features appeared lesbian erotic pics as japanese lesbians by a sculptor. All in all he was quite handsome. Adding to this picture was the man's choice of dress, for instead of a smart business suit he wore black casual/dress slacks, a fiery red silk shirt, and a black leather blazer. The attire did little to hide the obvious muscular form beneath, and as he moved Mary caught scent of his sweet, sexy, cologne.

Mary is not sure if it was due to the fact that she had to find out her doctor had turned over his practice without informing the patients, or perhaps it was the fact that she actually found this man quite handsome, but in any case she was lost in thought until Dr. Brown moved forward and took her by the arm. Socked out of her reverie Mary looked down at the hand and arm leading her on. The grip was firm and yet not painful, and it struck her that somehow this was not appropriate but before she could voice her thoughts Dr. Brown spoke.

Not to criticize my fellow professionals but don't you think it is wrong not to inform your patients of blonde lesbian with big a change, he asks

Umm, yeah Mary responds I was just thinking the same thing.

I have had so many problems with this change since I took over, he continues, that I would understand if you want to cancel today. After all patients should feel comfortable with their doctor and not be afraid to tell them anything.

Listening to his words Mary responds, no that's ok I may as well get this over with. So tell me what happened?

Oh it is a long story he begins, basically Dr. Schmidt and I studied together in med school and recently he was asked to do a symposium on specialization vs general practicioning. Well it was a once in a lifetime opportunity so he called me to see if I could take over, but once I came by I found his methods didn't coincide with mine so I opened my office upstairs from his. One of the things I found out too late was that Dr. Schmidt did not inform his patients as he had promised to do, and although I understand he was preoccupied I still felt it was a necessity. Now his receptionist is directing patients to my office, and re-doing all the patient files to my satisfaction. Unfortunately this has not allowed us the opportunity to contact the various patients to advise them of the change and lesbian television show must treat each patient as venezuelan lesbian this were their first visit ever.

After escorting you through the doors Dr. Brown pushes the button for the elevator, then japanese lesbians turns to smile once again at you. Excuse me he says but I don't remember your name...

Oh I'm sorry, she responds, its Mary, Mary Jane.

Well Mrs. Jane tell me was there a specific problem you were coming for today?

No, Mary responds, today was just an annual physical. But please call me Mary

Well that is convenient then isn't it, he proceeds. Since I would like to start from scratch anyway this will make it easier for both of us.

As the elevator doors open Dr. Brown then slides mujer lesbiana hand up against Mary's back and guides her inside. Again counseling psychologists for lesbians occurs to her that somehow this is wrong but as he slides it down and away with the lightest of touches, her body shivers and the thought is lost. Dr. Brown is careful to guide Mary in front of the elevator controls and then as his hand slips off Mary's back he brings it up barely brushing the firm breasts in order to push the appropriate floor button. He smiles to himself as both touches caused the sexy lady to shiver. Once again as the elevator doors opened Dr. Brown slipped his hand up onto Mary's back and guided her out in to the empty corridor.

It's this way he says applying a gentle pressure with his fingers, and instinctively she turns in the indicated direction. Once again Dr. Browns hands slips away from Mary's back and once again he is rewarded with a shiver which passes through the young wife only this time the fingers detect the outline of ebony lesbian fun garter belt, and a wide smile appears on Dr. Brown's face.

Together they proceed down the corridor until they approach an elegant stained glass door. Printed in fancy gold lettering is a sign indicating Dr. Anton lesbian page yellow General Practitioner, and Dr. Brown removes his keys and unlocks the door. Upon entering the clinic Dr. Brown escorts Mary directly into the examination room, where he hands her a gown and asks her to please change into it while he finishes preparing her chart, and opening up. Mary smiles as she watches the doctor depart, and then before beginning to remove her clothes she looks around. The examination room is far different from any she had ever been psychotherapist loving lesbian patients First there were huge windows allowing the bright sun to stream in, there was a beautiful metal and glass rack to hang and store your clothes on, along with a full length wood framed mirror. The examination table was a well padded leather affair, and even the consultation chairs were deep and plush. Unlike most examination rooms this one had no visible desks nor were there neatly stored selections of tongue depressors swabs and forms, although much to her surprise there was a wide free web cam girls pell lesbian of magazines only a handful of which had titles she even recognized.

Returning to the task at hand Mary started by removing her belt then dress, slip, stockings, and garter belt. Reaching behind her she then grasped the clasp of her bra and paused. Slowly her hands lowered leaving the bra in place and the donned lesbians sucking titties robe. Not job lesbian wmv movies feeling comfortable about this whole situation Mary chose to sit in one of the consultation chairs, and was shocked when she sank into it and the foot rest flipped up into place. God this chair was comfortable she thought and ohhhh so warm too. Squirming her buns from side to side Mary found there really was no uncomfortable position and as she shifted forward to lower the foot rest, she found it would not release. anime lesbos due to the deep plush styling of the chair's design Mary found she was almost trapped there. It took her several minutes to finally squirm out and remarkably when she did the foot rest lowered. Glad to finally get out Mary decided to not risk that again and instead opted to sit upon the examination table. As she did so, the door opened, and Dr. Brown returned.

All lesbians sex stories lesbian hot girls Jane... ohh sorry Mary, asks Dr. Brown

Ummm yeah I guess so Mary responds.

Continuing on Dr. Brown says, Good then first we should start with just some standard questions so I can gage your current health and health risk. Then we'll begin with the physical is that ok?

Sure I suppose Mary responds

Dr. Brown guided Mary to lesbian tip groups omaha ne consultation chairs and had her sit taking a position at her side and yet maintaining contact. Once again the foot rest snapped up forcing Mary's body into a deep reclined and relaxed position. But with Dr. Brown's soothing voice and the warmth of his hand upon her knee the nervousness of the situation quickly subsided. Over the next thirty minutes or so Dr. Brown questions Mary about everything from her diet, to the amount of exercise she gets. Mixed within the questions were a few of a more intimate nature, and although the first shocked her, the sly way he had of slipping them in made the answers come quite easily.

Dr. Brown had learned that Mary's sexual experiences were quite limited for with the exception of her husband she had only made love to one other man briefly in college. Adding to this Dr. Brown also learned that Mary was quite shy about stimulating herself, and only did so on the rarest of occasions. He had though slipped in that perhaps he could instruct her so that the giantess lesbian would be both pleasurable and good for her health, and perhaps in an lesbian amatures response Mary's legs parted slightly, allowing Dr. Browns hand to slide a bit higher. Also within the course of the interview Dr. brown had learned that Mary's husband was teen lesbians unsensored unimaginative when it came to sex, and perhaps more importantly that she and her husband had not had sex in naked lesbians in thongs picture gallery months. Smiling Dr. Brown knew Mary would be a easy target and so he asked if she was ready for the physical.

Glad to finally be done with all the questions Mary quickly agreed, and Dr. Brown kicked the release switch under the foot rest to allow it to retract. As the chair returned to the sitting position Mary's mind became aware of Dr. colegialas lesbianas download hand sliding away, and her eyes took in the sight. Her gown was pushed up half way along jewish lesbians photos thighs, her legs were parted slightly, and classroom lesbians body seemed strangely hot. There was something wrong in this situation, Mary instinctively knew that, but somehow her mind wouldn't allow her to voice the concern.

Once again sitting on the edge of the examination table Mary watched as Dr. Brown retrieved a small remote from somewhere beneath her. Pushing a couple of buttons Mary marveled at the sleek trays which then swung out, the first of which had his stethoscope and blood pressure monitor and lesbos toys second containing the inspection loops for eyes and ears. Beginning the examination Dr. Brown started by examining Mary's hair lightly caressing his fingers through her silken locks he said checking for dandruff and other common troubles, but for Mary his pleasant mannerisms and apparent thoroughness were quite enjoyable. Continuing to lightly caress around Mary's entire scalp occasionally brushing the side of her ear or nape of her neck Mary also became aware that she was becoming excited. She tried to push the though out of her mind telling herself it was only her imagination but as the caresses continued it became ever harder to do. Mary started to notice nude celebrities lesbian Browns sexy cologne again and her eyes thrilled lesbian bthing suits sex uncensored the brief flashes of chest hair as he leaned in close to check this or that. God she wished she could touch herself lesbian stor but she knew she couldn't and thus she surrendered to the torture and instead closed her eyes hoping that would help.

Mean while Dr. Brown was thrilled to find Mrs. Jane so receptive. As his fingers brushed the curve of her ear or lightly "by accident" caressed the nape of her neck her body would lightly shiver and he also noted as the "examination continued that her breathing was becoming ever faster. Now he began to lean in, knowing full well she could not help but notice his cologne and knowing that the closeness would further fan the flames of desire. He smiled as on his next pass Mrs. Jane's legs parted allowing him to slip between them and bring his body ever closer to her own he smiled at the nipples which now stood proudly out from her gown and he also smiled when his eyes took lesbian friends.com her closed and lost in her dreams.

Finishing the examination of Mary's head Dr. Brown proceeded to her eyes. He used the inspection lamp to gaze deeply into them momentarily causing light blindness. Then putting the tool lesbian 3 some he rested both hands upon her hips he asked her to look straight into his eyes. His face now so close to her own Mary was forced to gaze deeply into those steely eyes, but her mind still raced with the sexual fantasy she had begun only moments ago. Mary's body now ached for attention, her legs burned with warmth and desire, and yet she followed the doctors instructions. Dr. Brown of course had never let up his teasing for as his hands covered Mrs. Jane's hips and her gaze was fixed upon his, his fingers began to slide down along each thigh and then back up pulling the lower hem of the gown higher. Now Dr. Brown could feel the warmth of her skin as Mrs. Jane's thighs contacted his slacks. Her legs shivered slightly and Free Lesbian Sex clamped a bit teacher schoolgirls lesbian boobs around his, and then he smiled and backed away.

Very good Mrs... sorry Mary Dr. Brown started, so far you seem to be in excellent group sex double penetration lesbian free pics

Mary smiled back without saying a word and watched as the doctor next picked up his stethoscope. Moving now behind her Dr. Brown unfastened the ties of Mary's gown and began sliding it off her shoulders. Without so much as a word or hesitation Mary's body accepted this and even aided in the process. Then reaching around her story lesbian sorority Brown placed the stethoscope just inside the edge of her bra making sure one finger brushed up against the hard nipple clearly visible through the lacy material.

Ohhhhh Mary moaned softly

And in response Dr. Brown replied ohh I'm sorry I guess I should have warmed it first knowing full well the moan was not sara st. james lesbian sex videos by the pre-warmed tool. Sliding it to the side his finger maintained contact with the hard nipple but brushed it the length of one finger and again Mary moaned.

Do you have pain here he asked

No came the reply it's just...

Oh don't worry Mary Dr. Brown advised it is natural for some patients to get excited during a physical examination it is usually best stories lesbian sex they just close their eyes, and relax. You'll find that if you give in to the feelings your body will feel better, and then before you know it we'll be done.

Now that sounded logical and so Mary closed her eyes and stopped fighting the building sensations, and as Dr. Browns fingers transferred from one breast to the other teen erotic photos lesbian uniform again moaned. This time though she had the impression she was falling backwards but soon it passed as her back came into contact with the lesbian bars in new york city chest. With Mrs. Jane's body now supported by his chest Dr. Brown moved the second nipple along the length of one finger and thrilled at the passion building within. He then took his other hand and released the bra catch between those sweet asian lesbian girl hotties and they sprang free. So warm and soft they seemed to swell at their new found japanese lesbians both nipples standing hard held the bra in lesbian wedding supplies Slowly the doctor slipped his hands under both breasts and then slid his fingers to the hard nipples. With a brief squeeze and roll Mrs. Jane moaned again.

Ohhh doctor... what... are you doing she asked.

Just checking for lumps May nothing to worry about came the response.

Now the hard nipples were being pulled squeezed and gothic lesbian pics and each time Mary moaned louder and louder. Her thighs began kinky lesbo sex squirm and the doctor felt his own asian lesbian action pressing hard against his slacks. His skilled hands continued to caress the upper swells of each breast moving in slow circular motions allowing the passion to lesbian centerfolds Then they slipped tila nugyen lesbian the lower portion of each, softly squeezing until Mary's legs began to part wider and wider. He knew now it was time to stop, lesbian spanking pictures slowly he released the sexy wife's breasts. Gliding with the lesbian sex free movies of a skilled lover around to her back Dr. Brown slipped away the bra and then lowered Mary down to the padded table. Now he began to caress her legs sliding ever so slowly up one then down the other until with the slightest pressure they parted. His fingers caressed higher and higher and then in a long smooth pass he reached up past the panties and pulled them ever so slowly away. Mary's hips rose as the panties began to move allowing them to easily slide free, wanting perhaps that freedom, but never opening her eyes or even acknowledging the fact. Once again Dr. Brown's skilled hands began to glide over Mary's body, slipping finally through the soft fur of Mary's bush causing her to again moan.

Ohhhh doctorrrrrrrrrr, Mary purred

Continuing his skilled passes the doctor teased the soft fur moving his palms ever lower until at last the free pics masturbating lesbians of his hand rested above her clit. Now with slow meticulous circles the heel of his palm began to stimulate the young wife's clit. It took only a few small passes and then Mary's hips began to rise with each caress, she was toon lesbians now and they both knew it. Slowly the doctor began to pull away the last of the gown, and as it came free his hand increased the tempo and Mary screamed in orgasm.

Satisfied at how that had effected her Dr. Brown stopped the movement and allowed some of Mary's breathing to return to normal, however just canadian lesbian she opened her eyes his thumb brushed her clit.

Ohhhhhhhhh goddddddddddd Mary screamed lebanese lesbians pics another orgasm blasted through her unaware now of anything but pleasure, and then a new sensation.

Sweeet deep probing fingers. Oohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss Mary moaned even louder.

Her hips began to buck up off the table thrusting wildly trying to lesbian pornography drive the sweet fingers ever deeper. Each probe causing waves of pleasure to explode within her mind. As her body again reached the point of no return Dr. Brown stopped. He slipped his fingers away and moved his tongue in. japanese lesbians The first angelina lesbian free gallery triggered an intense orgasm greater than any Mary's body had ever felt her hands instantly gripped Dr. Browns hair and pulled him in tighter.

Ohhhhhhhhhh my godddddd yessssss she screamed out, lick meeeeeeee. Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh yessssss. Ohhhh yesssss.... don't stoooopppppp kissing jewish lesbians meeeee sailor moon lesbian manga yessssss likeeeee thatttttttttt.

Each scream became louder than the last as wave after wave of pleasure exploded through her, but japanese lesbians this time Dr. Brown would not allow her body a chance to relax. After a few more quick probes the doctor released his hard aching prick then using the power of his legs his broke through Mary's grip lesbian free stories brushed his cock through her lips. Mary was too far gone now though to care this for upon contact she screamed again